Intimichic by Irisana pelvic floor trainer.

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Intimichic by Irisana Intima, offers a totally natural treatment based on the performance of Kegel exercises, developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, they are a series of vaginal contractions and relaxations that strengthen the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle and the group of pelvic floor muscles by gradually increasing weights. Made of medical silicone, free of BPA and PHTHALATES.

Includes 4 steel balls, covered with silicone:

Diameter 22 mm, 35 gr.

Diameter 18 mm, 20 gr.

Diameter 15 mm, 10 gr.

Diameter 10 mm, 5 gr.


  1. Fully sealed channel for Nylon rope.
  2. Metal ball, fully covered with a 0.5 mm layer of silicone.
  3. Medical silicone gasket.
  4. Carapace 1 mm thick.
  5. Silicone surface, 2mm.




Instrucciones de uso de Intimichic by Irisana Íntima.

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