10 reasons to take care of the pelvic floor.

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When we speak of Am used to Pelvic, refer us to something but that a muscular group and of fabric of sustain that it closes the inferior cavity of the abdomen. We are speaking of vital functions so important like the continenciaof urine and faeces, the sexuality, the reproduction..

Deberiamos Be conscious of his existence since we are young by reasons like the following:

1. One of each 3 women suffers urinary incontinence.

To the toser, reir or estornudar, when throwing a career or simply change of position, a lot of women suffer in silence escape of urine, that limit his labour activity, social and personal; by the feared feeling to smell, or mark the clothes. It is a silent illness, unseen and looks for remedy late, for feeling shame and modesty.

2. The urinary incontinence is considered a problem of public health of high impact in the quality of life.

The WHO celebrates a dia international for concienciar of this problem that supposes labour absenteeism, social isolation and even depression, anxiety and loss of the self-esteem. It is work of the sanitary professionals arrive with cercania and naturalidad to all the women that have been mothers or find in the menopause, stages of the key life to weaken the pelvic floor.

3. Until a 9-10% of women suffers double incontinence: urinary and annual.

If the leakages of urine are considered delicate, the unpleasant leakages of gases or faeces, are really concealed and limitantes, conditioning any personal or labour activity. These women do not go out of house until have not achieved to go to the bathroom, have to have some alimentary habits extrictos, use medication astringente? And see subjected to situations really embarrassing.

4. The quality of the sexual relations is very related with a pelvic floor tonificado.

In the sexual answer and the orgasm participates the musculature that surrounds and sustains the vulva,vagina and útero. The satisfaction and quality of the relations depends on a lot of factors but without place to doubt a good tonificación muscular sum.

5. The pregnancy and the childbirth are a considerable trauma that weakens this musculature.

The motherhood is a stage of the life by which happen the big mayoria of the women. We Cuidar the feeding, the toxic habits, the drugs, prepare the room, the canastilla?.And the ?Channel of the childbirth? That goes to suffer the damage, is totally forgotten. Any mother deberia leave to do rehabilitation postparto of the musculature of the pelvic floor supervised, directed and individualizada according to the type of childbirth suffered, by fisioterapeutas specialised.

6. The usual sportive practices of career and jump are a damage kept that by hiperpresión abdominal repetitive generates progressive weakening. Neither mention some extravagant sports like the power jump or the abdominal classical.

7. The bad alimentary habits that ocasionan sobrepeso and constipation constitute factors of risk added. The bid reiterated and kept every time that go to the bathroom by fault of hydratation, exercise, fruits and vegetables in our diet damages and weakens this plane of sustain muscular.

8. Toxic habits like the tabaquismo and the consistent chronic cough are a factor of risk directly related with weakening of the musculature of the floor of the pelvis.

9. Through the vaginal orifice with a pelvic floor weakened, the childbirth or the menopause can unchain a herniación medicamente called prolapse of pelvic organs. What occurs is that it shows through the vagina a bulto that alarms and ocasiona annoyances like urinary infections of repetition, feeling of weight in genital, urinary difficulty? It treats of the bladder or the rectum that hernian through the vaginal orifice.

10. The lumbar pain many times is directly related because the pelvic floor stabilises the osseous pelvis and the column lumbosacra, being very important the reeducation of habits posturales and tonificación muscular to avoid pelvic pains and of back.

Parts of the pelvic floor

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