20 small steps to change the world

Today are you some simple steps that all can do for live in a better world.

1- do not buy a new product without before know if you need it really. Consume unnecessarily is anti-ecological.

2- A good habit before throwing things is to think in if I can re-use, recycle, fix or donar. If it can be useful for another person is one always an excellent option.

3- Reduces the consumption of batteries all the possible, and in case of need uses recargables. The energy of the batteries is 600 more expensive times that the one of the network. When it exhaust his useful life recycles.

4- Tries to do without appliances little useful that carry batteries like peladores, electrical knives, sacacorchos, toothbrushes, etc.., Have present the energetic saving when renewing your appliances before that the price.

5- Use pulverizadores that they are good alternative and besides recargables in replacement of the aerosols. These last collaborate actively in the destruction of the layer of ozone, contain CFCs and other gases that contribute to the effect invernadero.

6- Remembers that the ambientadores do not delete the bad smell, only produce others stronger that mask the first.

7- Saves water when you can. The conscious consumption is the one who helps to preserve the resources of the planet. You can for example place a system of double of download in the toilet, since vaciar a cisterna uses roughly 10 litres of water. It uses also elements in taps or showers that reduce his discharge.

8- Procure consume foods of local production and of season. Avoids in your feeding eaten rubbish and precocinada, comes on packed and contains a lot of additives and hurtful preservatives for your health.

9- Your foods better saved in fiambrera or tuperware before that with paper of plastic or aluminium.

10- Remembers that the paper has two faces. It refuses the paper bleached with chlorine. It uses and it recycles!

11- The advertising is deceptive. Fix you well in the function of the products that buy and no the dreams that sell you.

12- In the measure of the possible avoids the drinks in tin, is more expensive the container that his content. The energy to produce and transport a tin is expensive and antiecológico, equivale to the half of the full container of oil.

13- If you appliance or device is not working desconéctalo of the current, many even turn# off follow consuming energy of until 33%.

14- do not leave you deceive by cheap products, fix you in his useful life. The light bulbs of low consumption or led are more expensive but last more and consume less. To the long your life your economy notices it and the environment will appreciate it.

15- Many of the products of cleaning that announce are little useful and extremely harmful with the environment. Eye with detergents and cleaners. Take into account that there are products and natural remedies that help us to reduce or substitute completely the use of these, for example soap, bicarbonato, vinegar and lemon.

16- Avoids to use products that they can be aggressive and prevent the processes of purification of the water like limpiahornos. You do not throw products of toxic by the drain., oils to cook, paintings, etc..,

17- do not buy foods packed with the tray of white cork (poliestireno expanded).

18- A lot of products that they are mattered can buy them locally. It avoids products that have to visit thousands of Km to arrive to your house, for example German cookies or beer mejicana.

19- Covers always your cazuelas of kitchen not to waste heat. It uses always steel, iron or mud in replacement of the aluminium.

20- Requests that no you envien advertising in your mailbox that does not interest you, know what wood tala only to finish in the rubbish? Inscribe you in Lists Robinson to reduce the reception of commercial communications.

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