Baby dental hygiene

Clean him the boquita to the baby is so important like bathing it. Still before having teeth, the maternal milk or of the biberón, can cause illnesses in the encías of the baby.

A good oral hygiene is the most important factor to avoid the decay and the illnesses of the encías like the gingivitis. The decay is at present the illness infecciosa more frequent in the infancy, five more common times that the asthma and seven more common times that the rinitis allergic and is 100% controllable.

While earlier begin with the buccal hygiene in the baby, better, since during the first months of life, the baby finds in a passive oral phase, in which it enjoys of the massage and manipulation of his mouth.

"My cepillito" of Irisana, consists in a thimble of medical silicone, with a side of points rugosos for masajear the encías and another side of soft brush for the first teeth.

Recommends begin the cleaning of the encías from the third month of life, once a day, taking advantage of the moment of the bathroom. With the eruption of the first tooth of milk (around the 6 months), begins the buccal hygiene twice a day: in the morning and at night.

The oral hygiene realises so much to establish some good oral habits as to protect his teeth of milk.

Is indispensable that the boys have a correct oral health and that purchase routines of buccal hygiene. Although the majority of the parents do not protect the temporary teeth, thinking that is unnecessary because these finally will fall, are very important in the training of the definite denture, and if they do not cuidar properly, can appear decay, pains and inflammation of the encías severe. The dental decay with frequency can affect to the developing permanent teeth.

The teeth of milk are important to eat and chew, indispensable for a good digestion of the boys and a correct development. Besides they save the space for the permanent teeth that are forming under these, and guide them so that they can go out properly. Also, they allow the normal development of muscles as well as of the jawbones. They serve also for the correct pronunciation of the words.


During the sixth week of pregnancy, begins the training of the crista dental.

Between the chamber and the sixth month of pregnancy, form the hard parts of the tooth.

To the moment to be born, the crowns of the teeth of milk, already are lists.

Generally, the preparation for the dentition initiates when the baby has of four to six months of life.

Between the sixth and the eighth month of life, is likely that appear like primerizo, an inferior incisive tooth in the centre. Afterwards they will follow the upper incisive teeth head offices and afterwards the sides.

Around the 14 month of life, appear the first molar and afterwards the canine

From the second year can expect the arrive of the molar seconds.


If suddenly it begins a feeling of hormigueo under the encía or picazón or ardour by fault of the teeth that are for going out, the babies are used to to put things inside the mouth to chew them. This awards them relief.

Durante is you time adecuan especially for the babies lactantes, the products of buccal hygiene , that no only are of his like, but they offer them a profit.


realises with special toothbrushes for babies.To realise the buccal cleaning, the baby is put to bed on the cambiador or in the cradle.

The technician for the buccal hygiene of the babies, begins by the movement of mastication, afterwards brush the teeth by the external side and finally by the inner side.

Brushes of the red to the white, that is to say, from the encía to the tooth.

My cepillito of the line Irisana baby, is a hygienic method and sure for masajear and clean the encías of the baby and his first teeth.

Manufactured 100% in medical silicone, without smell neither flavour.
Free of toxic substances. It does not contain BPA, PVC neither Ftalatos.

Easy to use, pleasant, soft with the encías.

Way of employment:

- Wash the hands and "my cepillito" before each use

- use the side of points rugosos for masajear the encías

- Clean softly the teeth with the side "brush", realising circular movements.

- Wash "my cepillito" with warm water and soap. Esterilizar With frequency. ( recomeinda The Stock exchange Esterilizadora for microwaves of Irisana)

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