Tips and care for your Bbo Irisana borosilicate glass bottle

Councils and cares for your Bbo Irisana of glass of borosilicato:

The glass of borosilicato is a much more resistant glass to hits and impacts that the glass

Likewise, also it holds a very wide rank of temperature, from -20 to 100Cº.

1.- Before using it for the first time, wash it with warm water and neutral soap.

2.- Is recommended to save it empty, clean and dry to avoid bad smells that could arise in the case to leave some organic rest inside. If you leave it destapada better, like this will avoid that it accumulate humidity inside.

3.- Remembers to wash the cap every time that you wash the bottle.

4.- Use it always with his founds of silicone or neopreno to minimise the possible damages produced by falls or impacts.

Components: glass of borosilicato, founds of neopreno/silicone depending of the model, cap of steel or tritán depending of the model, board of silicone of alimentary degree and PP

♻️ All ours Bbo Irisana of glass of Borosilicato are free of BPA, Ftalatos or toxic plastics.

Each gesture explains, reutiliza by your health and the one of the planet! 

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