What are reticular glasses?


The principle estenopeico in that they base these glasses of training already was described by Greek philosophers.

In the 5th century B.C the Chineses already describe that the light travels in a straight line and that forms through a small orifice.

During the renaissance, uses this principle to draw in perspective, Leonardo da Vinci uses it describe the training of images estenopeicas of the sun through the orifices in the wall of a church.

Is in the S X d.C is when a German ophthalmologist describes in the first optical treaty that the rays go of the objects to the eye and is the inventor the dark camera, that is the precursor of the photographic cameras. Nowadays some photographers even defend the use of this type of photographic camera because they say that the image that creates is the most faithful to which sees the human eye.

What are the reticular glasses?

gafa Reticular irisana paste

The reticular glasses or estenopeicas IRISANA allow to see through some small orifices realised in his opaque lens, that serve for reduce the divergent rays (that they are the culprits to produce the desenfoque because inciden in the sides of the retina), leaving happen only the rays of light that inciden perpendicularmente in our eyes and specifically in the zone of greater visual sharpness (fovea), to reduce the dispersion of the light and favour a vision more nítida.

Reticular glasses

The reticular glasses design with a lot of orifices of size and form determined, with this achieve to force to move the eyes to see every time by a hole as far as want to observe in each moment, helping to the eye to use all his muscles.

At the beginning this action realises of voluntary way, but once accustom you your vision will do it of involuntary way. This is like this because to the habituarnos to the use of the glasses the opaque material this so near of the eye that remains out of the focus of vision and our brain after a short time of use tends to ignore it. The reticular glasses are an excellent training to improve our vision.

Thanks to the investigations that have gone realising know that an eye that observes a fixed element realises until 3600 movements by minute aproximandamente, an eye with problems of refraction or others realises fewer movements and slower, of this way the image obtained is of low definition generating errors of approach and refraction, favouring the myopia, tired vision, astigmatism, etc..,

Using the reticular glasses Irisana will help us to improve and to warn the following elements that are always present when a person has problems of vision. With his usual use improve you the movement, the relaxation and the centralisation, by this same says that are gymnastics for our eyes, since it will facilitate us reach a healthier vision.

How use ?

The reticular glasses are valid for any person since relax the vision, but are especially indicated stops:

-Presbicia and Hipermetropia : read and work with the computer.

- Myopia: work with the computer and see the television.

- Astigmatism.

- Strabismus: they help to a better integration of the eyes.

- Cataracts: they provide a vision more nítida.

- Albinismo: They reduce the time of the solar light on the retina.

- Can use like glasses of sun since when having zones shadow relax the sight, and the light is more natural, no filtered through lens , this does that it can sintetizar vitamin D and reinforce the immune system.

Between his main profits will obtain:

- Visionado more nítido in a wide fan of conditions of the eye, so much in a healthy eye as in one with problems of approach.

- Stimulation of the eyes to recover his mobility and suitable centralisation.

- Relaxation of the vision when stimulating the ciliary muscles ( the attendants to move the crystalline).


- At the beginning have to happen a time of adaptation so that the reticular glasses result us comfortable, have to have patience. We do not have to get obsessed with us the rejilla that always is in front of our eyes since it arrives a moment in that the brain does us see as if only there was an orifice.

- Is important to blink because lubrifica the eye and relaxes it.

- Is necessary to remove them from time to time and relax the look without using any type of glasses because these do not have periphery, necessary especially for people miopes. Our eyes know when are not comfortable and that is the moment to rest of the training.

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