Lumbar thermoinductor support IRISANA
Relieves muscle discomfort from the wrist area.
Thanks to the tourmaline it contains, it provides a pleasant feeling of warmth that relaxes the area.


  • Relaxes
  • Multiple beneficial effects by releasing negative ions and emitting long-distance infrared rays with natural products.


This holder contains tourmaline gemstones, ceramic particles and other natural heat-inducing materials.

In contact with the skin, these materials react by detaching heat, infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deeply and relax the application area.


Indicated when heat application is prescribed.

How to use

Wet the support with water on the part of the knitted fabric and place it around the wrist so that it is comfortable while having as much contact with the skin as possible.

Usually at 15 minutes you start to feel warm.

Due to the heat produced by the infrared rays penetrating in depth, we can appreciate the feeling of heat long after having removed the support, which provides a pleasant, relaxing and very beneficial effect.

It can also be used without getting wet, but in this case, it will take more time to appreciate the same effects.

It is advised to moisten it with chlorine-free water, as this may cause skin discomfort.

It should be washed without detergents, only with water so as not to damage its effectiveness.


Use is not recommended for pregnant women or people with metal prostheses at wrist level.

If the feeling of heat becomes excessive, immediately remove the support

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